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One who kicks catkickers new Rig.

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Catkicker, on the radiator fan, are you pulling air through the radiator into the case, or pushing out of the case into the rad?


Pulling air through rad and into case. 120mm for exhaust.



Thank's Crazy, General. Last thing to do is swapout those 120mm fans for some that will look pinkish. painting them with the uv pink was a flop. There more uv blue then pink. So i'll be watching for some fans to replace them. I know Ultra has some 120mm red uv fans that from what I have read turn out to look more pink then red so I may get a couple of those.


Why is it no matter how much you try to finish one of these projects theres always something left to do.


I here a vigor monsoon whispering to me right now...

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