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Will this BIOS work with a 7950GX2?

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Hi guys,


I have been extremely busy recently and haven’t used my computer for ages. Just prior to this busy stretch I purchased a 24" Dell 2407 monitor. Having come back to gaming I decided I had earn't myself a little treat and decided to purchase an ASUS 7950GX2 to do my games justice. It should arrive on Monday. Over the weekend I have some time to prep my computer for this new addition. I will be installing a new PSU (probably the OCZ 700w recommended here).


My question relating to BIOS's is: Some time ago I flash my bios using Tmods very helpful disc, however I can’t remember what the name of the BIOS was that I used. All I know is that when I get the POST screen, the following BIOS info appears: 07/06/2005-NF-CK804-6A61FD49C-00. This means nothing to me other than its just over a year old. Will this BIOS version work with the GX2 of will I need to flash to a newer BIOS version? I know the say if it ain't broke, but I want to get things ready for my new hardware?

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