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Aight ya'll


I dont know.. but I am having a Lanparty soon.. and I might be getting a Thunderbird 1ghz by then..

Right now my heatsink on my SOcket 370 is a Swiftec MCX370


I was wondering If I got a socket A bord would that fit on there?


I dont see why it wouldent.. Cuz i dont really have the cash ATM to buy a new Heatsink.. and a Mobo..


But I dont know.. Maybe I will just wait for my clawhammers to upgrade anything :P


I dont know my comp is going to be the slowest at the party and I hate that! bah!!!


If I only have 600 bucks to spare.. I would upgrade my system.. and It would be 0wnage LoL :P but I dont.. p00r me..


N e ways thanks in advace for the answare..

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