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Unofficial F.E.A.R. Performance Test Chart & Discussion Thread

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Oh yeah, you did it right, can always tell cuz the Maximum FPS is crappy with Vsync on LOL


I'm runnin' it on my sister's machine (Opty 165 @ 2.4GHz/2GBs Patriot PC3200 @ DDR444 2.5-3-3-8/7800GTX @ 490/1300) right now, I'll post the screenies from it once I have them and update for your VSync On and it's scores ;) LOL




Had to do the pic in paint, hence the crappy quality:




Min: 37 Avg: 75 Max: 172

Charmedlover's Sister - AMD Opty 165 @ 2.4GHz - Patriot PC3200 @ DDR444 2.5-3-3-8 - 7800GTX 256MB @ 490/1300, 91.47 drivers - Asus A8N-SLI Deluxe - Viewsonic 17" LCD (VX715 I think)

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I've picked up another 10MHz GPU and another 30MHz mem stable because of this thread. I'm kinda thankful because of it. BTW, did you check your PM box? I couldn't believe it myself.

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Mmm. I'm still working out issues on my 3DMark01, haven't ran it in a while to be honest.


As for 3DMark03, I think I may break 40K someday... seriously considering swapping my DFI out for my Asus, pop the liquid cooling on there and run some benchies with THAT board in SLI with this PSU.


Almost positive I could break 40K with that, it's already almost beating my system with CPU score ::shrug::

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http://service.futuremark.com/compare?2k1=9075194 ~~~ My newest (and new record) In 01, apparently 01 likes my new settings over my former... just a bit more ;) LOL I'll have to test in non-SLI as I know SLI is a bottleneck when 01SE is in play, least I've heard as much.


Gonna run 03 just for kicks, and hope it doesn't crash LMAO I hate that f**ker.


Passed the first time but had the wrong SLI mode enabled, crashed the second time. Ran it again and it spit out this:




Lil' lower than my "record" as my "record" was done with the 600MHz RAM in ;) Which isn't OCDB stable in this board.


Gonna run 05 for kicks, don't have time to run 06 before I gotta shower for work.


http://service.futuremark.com/compare?3dm05=2283798 ~~~ couldn't find my better run from a few days ago, but that'll do.


aaaand 06, don't have time so here's the one from a day or two ago when I first developed these settings ;) (for some stupid reason I chose not to sumbit it, wishing I had now cuz for my current settings, it's a nice peak):



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Guest MadDias

ok.. here´s some stock speed crossfire action ;)

only 256mb gddr3 on both cards (i really need a new x1800xt with 512mb)

but still very impressive i think...

i´ll have to wait for a waterblock so i can clock that damn thing, i´m so annoyed by the stock cooler.


Minimum: 49

Average: 104

Maximum: 355




MadDias - AMD Opteron 165 @ 2.8GHz - 2GB G.SKILL HV @ 511MHz, 3-3-2-8-1T - ATI X1800CrossfireEdition + X1800XT 256mb @ 620/720 - DFI Lanparty RDX200 CF-DR - SAMTRON98PDF 19" CRT

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