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Board was faulty!!

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System is alot more stable than it used to be , left the computer on all day yesterday... Didn't get any freeze ups ( games ) and no crashs in firefox.


Still getting the odd stutter but its not as bad as it was , so i can live with this :cool:


Now i need to start saving up cause im skint with all this spending :rolleyes:


edit : how much do opterons go for now? dual core upto 3ghz oc will upgrade to one of those next year


Did you install the dual-core hotfix? That can clear up some stuttering.


The Opteron 165 is around $160 and I believe heard the 185 is going for $333, so the others fall in between somewhere. No clue as to whether any of them overclock well enough to tap 3GHz.

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Please read the post guys


(Dual core installed drivers, dual core hotfix dual core optimizer - Same )



P.s Battlefield 2 is still just as bad in single player , its actually frame skipping... seems to jump forward for some reason :(

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