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Corsair’s new XPERT series is the world's first line of memory modules that monitor parametric data of the memory real-time! Corsair XPERT modules use an integrated microcontroller to measure Voltage, Temperature, and Frequency on the memory module. Each of these parameters, along with a user-programmable scrolling marquee are shown on a big alpha-numeric display. The TWINXP1024-3200XL is a matched pair of 512 MByte, ultra-performance DDR SDRAM modules that is designed for exceptional performance at high clock speeds and very low 2-2-2-5 latencies. Each module includes a high-efficiency cast aluminum Corsair heatsink and 24 activity LED's that show the level of memory activity on each bank. All Corsair TwinX modules are tested as a matched pair in a dual channel motherboard and packaged together immediately after test.




- Large 10-digit alphanumeric display

- Display module has 0.4" (10mm) tall display

- Displays real-time memory parameters on LED display

- Voltage: Shows measured-on-module voltage

- Temperature: Displays temperature under heatsink. Selectable as Centigrade or Fahrenheit

- Frequency: Integrated crystal measures actual memory frequency

- Up to three user-programmable scrolling marquee

- Up to 23 characters per marquee

- Scroll speed is adjustable

- Two bars of color activity LEDs show level of memory activity

- Lighted Corsair sails at each end of display

- CD with Corsair "Memory Dashboard" software included

- Windows™ application allows easy set-up of controlling parameters

- Tracks minimum, maximum and average values of measured parameters

- Software updates are downloadable from Corsair website



Price: £159.95 (£187.94 Including VAT at 17.5%)



This memory is great memory and do not get it confused with the CL2 version. This is the full blown lower latency memory.

I am only asking £140. The reason for selling is due to the fact i need money laptop and it does not go well with crucial ballistix tracer.

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