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Memeory Speed

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What is the furthest anyone has pushed 4GB of RAM on the LP 590SLi-M2R/G?

I have 2 sticks of Platinum 6400 and 2 sticks of 7200EPP running in my board right now for a total of 4GB just to test and see where I start getting memory errors. Well so far with 4 sticks it has scaled to DDR 954 and I am still playing with it to see how much more I can push it with out the addition of voltage. I have the timings @ the default 4-4-3-15 that the 7200EPP is designed to run at. So I was not expecting my little 6400 sticks to scale near as far as they have. I am running 2.25 volts on the Vdimm right now.

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