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New OCZ GXS 600W on Ultra-D

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Hey all. I'm not sure if this is going in the right place or not, but I just got an OCZ GXS 600W PSU. My old PSU seemed to be having some issues, so when I bought the OCZ I picked up a PSU tester as well. They arrived today, and I decided to play with the tester before I swapped out the PSU's. When I hooked up the OCZ to the tester and powered it on, I noticed that the -5v light did not come on. After I swapped out the PSU's I tried the old PSU on the tester and the -5v came on. Is this normal for an OCZ PSU?


Also, not sure if this is related ot not, but I've noticed a pulsing noise that comes and goes coming from the PSU. It's really hard to explain, but it's a soft low-pitched whine that surges in and out while building up in volume before it starts to go back down. It's not a buzz or a clicking. Really weird, but it can get annoying when the room is otherwise quiet.


Other than those two issues the PSU seems to be working very well.

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