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Cudos! OCZ customer rep.


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Here is a post that I made on "Bleedingedge" about one of OCZ's customer reps:


"There comes a time when a person simply must give credit where credit is due.


A month ago I RMA'd my RAM. The RMA was handled by a gentleman by the name of "Jimmy Houn". He went way above and beyond what I considered normal to help make the situation easier for me.


I just recently had to RMA my PSU. I asked some questions of the person handling my account this time, but got what I knew to be "pat" company answers. It didn't appear to me that there was any attempt to help me.


So, what does a person do when they need help. They call on the person that they know will at least give the situation a chance to happen. This person was, ya you guessed it, JIMMY HOUN!!


I truly don't expect him to do anything above what OCZ will allow, but I certainly know that he will do everything he can to make the situation work.


Cudos to Jimmy Houn!! He is the best customer service rep with whom I have had the pleasure of doing business."


I thought that I should let all of you see the post.


OCZ gets my vote for hiring great people.


It goes without saying, the folks here at dfi-street get my vote, also!:)

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