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2WIRE Sharing Files (Help needed)

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I hate to jump in late with something that might have gotten you through the back door........


Did you first try to use the files transfer wizard? I know a lot of folks don't like it, but it worked as advertised for me.

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3rd .. set up the folders you wanna share


Did you right click the folder on the Old Laptop, go to Sharing and Security and in that window there is a section for Network Sharing and Security. Make sure that the "Share this folder on the network" box is checked and make the shared folder name something simple like "oldfiles". Now try to access it through the network.

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they can be more help than me!


lets do it my way! :)




1st..might not be required but.

call your ip provider and ask for

dns server number

alternative dns server number..

then you fill it in under your static ip addresses.



2nd.. log into your modem

disable DHCP (you dont need this..since you got static ip addresses)


3rd.. do what ellisd said ,if you didnt do it.


4rd.. disable your firewall..for now..




5th.. go to run and ping your other laptop

example.. my laptop static ip address is

i go to run and type without quotes "ping"



6th if you can ping each other and setted to the same network

(with the network setup wizard) AND have files setted for sharing..you should see them in either


your network places


workgroups nameand your desktop and the laptop

dont forget to give em names.

my computer/properties computer name

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great Calivin I will try this later today when I get home.


@sswilson: I definitely tried that first just to see if it would work, and it didnt. Got me darn close though. It definitley is a 50/50 chance using that thing.


@EllisD: I definitely right clicked the folder on the Old Laptop, and went to Sharing and Security and in that window there was a section for Network Sharing and Security. Unfortunately, the computers just dont see eachother, but my computer is able to ping to that computer but the Old laptop is unable to ping to my computer, at least the Default Gateway. The Ip is fine.

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Well, I have the same problem. I posted about it in another networking thread here. The only difference is that my son's computer can access my shared folder for some reason- but I can't even see his computer. He was trying to copy some game files from my shared folder the other night and while he could start the DL, it would give an error after a few minutes stating that the network resource was lost, or something like that.


I have never been able to get home networking to operate correctly for any period of time. On a few occasions I have had things working perfectly; then it gets all out of whack again. I'm done with it.


I also use Norton, but it should be easy to configure Norton to allow home networking. I setup my firewall to allow the address range that my router dispenses. I've also tried static ip addresses and individually allowing each IP through Norton. No joy.


I'm convinced that home networking is just another in a loooooong line of M$ fiascos.

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