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[Resolved] HDD not found

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Hi guys,


Installed my Hard Drives and started PC. All ok.

Enabled RAID and all 4 SATA's.


SATA1 - Caviar

SATA2 - none

SATA3 - Raptor

SATA4 - Raptor


Configured a RAID0, saw the 3 HDD's, chose the 2 Raptors and that works OK!

BUT... Now, Windows is running on the RAID-array, but the Caviar is not found?

(It was not there when Windows asked me where to install, as only the RAID was there)


Disabled SATA1 and SATA2 in the BIOS, but no difference...

Is there something in the bios I have to do to get the Caviar recognized again?

I haven't loaded any drivers yet and just started the system today...


Your help is much appreciated!


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