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Corsair 620w & 520w power supply previews/reviews (merged)

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I have been using this PSU for about 6 weeks now...see sig for system specs


I have what seems to be an odd issue..when I attach a cable with 3 4pin molex to my sunbeam fan controller, one to 1655 dvdrw and SH-S183L dvdrw sata drive using a adapter(or when i had my H22N dvdrw which is IDE)..I could not always boot...it would get to detecting IDE drive and hang....


if I unconnected the Benq...everything was fine


I went ahead and used a direct SATA connector for the SATA drive...goes directly to the PSU now


But it seems using all 3 of the 4 pin molex ...caused an issue..using just 2 of the 4 pins was fine...one to fan controller and to one of dvdrws(either the Benq or H22N)..but if all 3 molexes were used I could not always boot


could it be a bad modular cable.... a bad psu??


BTW...prior to RMA my first RD600...I was 20 hrs blend stable on P95 with the setup below(I stopped P95..there were no failures) and using the cable with all 3 molexes in use( I booted ok that time)..so I figure the PSU has no issues being stressed....

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