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Caffeinejunkie's FS/FT Thread

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Guest caffeinejunkie

All prices include UPS Ground shipping (to continental US only) and for payment Ill except paypal/money order (pay first). If you have any questions feel free to PM or Email me ([email protected]). Thanks for looking.



(Image doesnt include Gskill/RDX200 because they're both still in my main rig but will take pictures upon request)




Logitech MX518 - $20

Great mouse w/ 1600DPI, 8 buttons, and on the fly sensitivity adjustment. I used this mouse for a long time and other then needing some new skates and some paint ware on the logitech logo it's in great condition. After I got my copperhead this mouse got sent to my secondary rig which is almost all the way sold so the peripherals must go aswell.


Logitech PlayGear Pocket Portable Case for Sony PSP - $15

I sold my PSP a while ago and forgot I still had this case. I mainly used my psp as an mp3 player so this worked perfect because it has holes on the sides for power,audio jacks, even on/off and hold. My PSP has taken a few falls in the case and other then it shuting off there was no damage. The case itself is in good condition with some minor scratching.


Stock C2D Cooler - $15

Stock heatsink that came with my e4300. Never used it even still has the untouched stock paste on the bottom.



Im willing to do trades + cash for any of the following:

Any sata 7200rpm drives (80+ gigs)



Heatware: Caffeinejunkie

Ebay/Paypal: [email protected] (100% Feedback)



Sold 2x1gb Gskill to soundx98

Sold RDX200 to CPDMF

Sold 2x256mb Kingston + V12 to no-control

Sold 80gb Ipod to justin131

Sold Sintek 500w to dr_bowtie

Sold 3700+ to BFG

Sold Ultra-D to syngensmyth

Sold Mushkin 2x512mb lvII v2 to CPDMF

Bought Gskill Hz from neogenisis2004

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Guest caffeinejunkie

isnt that mobo in the pic a dfi-nf3-250gb motherboard?


if so is it for sale? and wil you trade?


Yes it is but unfortunately I sold it a while ago. I just re-used the pic from when I originally made the thread since most of those items still haven't sold. I would have put down who I sold it to at the bottom but I cant remember who it was :rolleyes:

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