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nF4 Raid1 Problems after OS Install

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i have the following problem with my Raid1 Array (2xHitachi 7K250 160GIG)

Qfter setting the whole thing up within the Raid BIOS i started to install the OS and following the procedure after pressing F6 during the blue install screen.


I added the two device Drivers (Raid/Storage) and after that i created one big partition quickformat it and installed the OS as it should be :)


So far so good the systems comes up the first time but here comes the weird part ^^

As soon as the Windows XP started it detects some changed system settings that is it seems Windows detects new hardware and added it so the device manager.

After pressing ok the system restarts but after this i can`t even boot the OS properly and the whole thing is messed up.


When WinXP tries to start it just stops and said it can`t find certain Files which are important to boot the system up so it seems WinXPdo some changes to my Raid1 Array and after that get confused.


What could it be? I am using the current RaidDriverPackage from the 6.86 version of the nForce driver.


Thx in advance for helping me.





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It sound like you had other hdds hooked up when installing the OS. When installing XP only have the hdds that the OS is going on installed as windows will mess up and install files on other hdds.

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