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Ram trouble

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Im a swede so dont complain about my english, unless you got a good reason for it :rolleyes:


I got a sli-dr(bulk) last week and it has run perfect on stock until today when I wanted to oc again. It just cant! Ive owned a Asrock dual and a dfi nf3 ultra-d and both overclocked roughly the same, not bad at all. But this board wont even load windows at 225fsb with my PC4000 ram :mad:


Ive tried the 04/06/2006 bios from DFI and 1-2 hours ago I flashed the 704-2BTA bios http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=22997


I tried oc from optimized defaults and the settings from RGone:s post http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=5844

+ other settings but I just cant get it to work.


I put the ram in the yellow slots because they got HS and if I put them in the orange slots one will just touch the side of the cpu heatsink.

Is it dangerous for anything/everything if the ram touches the heatsink? If it is I will try to find a smaller heatsink and test the ram in the orange slots.


Any difference betwen the yellow and the orange slots? On the nf3 ultra-d it was but on this I havnt found any info.


Need advice, still an ûber noob :confused:


Edit: Just so nobody wastes a good post spot on it, yes all cables are hooked in :P

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You can use the slots that give you the best results. As long as the HS is just touching you're OK. If it causes the RAM to not seat properly, that's a big problem.


That PSU might cause problems.


See this list...




Ok, gonna try the orange slots tomorrow...later today then, 05:20 in the morning here now, damn overclocking makes the time fly.


Already read that list, problem is money, when I have it I can change the psu. But this psu has been rock stable for me on 3 different boards and with more things to power, is the extra board connections that consuming(? english not main language).



I also wonder about this in the step-by-step at http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showpost.p...04&postcount=49 : "Set Update ESCD/will update DMI pool" Havnt found anything like that, where do I find it?

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Orange slots ftw! Currently running 280x9 1.475vcore and ram @ 252MHz 1T divider 180. Getting my x2 3800+ this week so Im sooooo happy that it works now :D


Easy fixed problem but I was pretty tired, thanks for the help guys, hopefully I wont be needing any more :D


Edit: Also found out about the ESCD update. Why is it covered in the guide but not where to find it? Seems it isnt only me who has had trouble finding it.

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