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4400+ X2 OC and IHS removal


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I have tried two X2 4400+ recently. Both are the 89W. Both stepping/week's are CCBWE 0613BPMW.

Neither one will go 2600 MHZ even with 1.4 + 104% vcore. Watching the core 1 and 2 temps (with core temp and a64 info), at full dual prime load, the newest one's core 1 will error out at 59 celcius. Core 2 keeps running, but at load, it is 4-5 degrees cooler.

The older one would do the same, except core 2 would error out at 59 celcius and core 2 was 6-8 celcius hotter than core 1.

Both cpu's combined temps are 44-46 celcius under a load.

But, the result is 2600 with both CPU's. This is actually OK, but I don't like the load temps on the dual cores.

I am running water and it has been doing fine with the last 3 cpu's I have used it on. But, it looks like it may not be capable of cooling a dual core. It has a Big Water 120mm rad and fan, also a 90mm rad and fan in series. I have not felt hot air from these rad's before, and apparently there is good contact with the cpu or the rads would not be getting warm.

Anyway, before upgrading the water, I was thinking about removing the IHS. I believe I could get it off easily enough IF it isn't soldered on as it has been reported the new Opty's are.

Anyone have this week or later X2 4400+ that has taken the IHS off?

Would removing it even help the load temps? I have read a lot on it, but very little with the 89w 4400.

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I just recently installed my wc and I've checked temps with both of my chips. The naked chip runs at the same temps as the chip with the IHS on. So in my experience it isn't worth the risk of removing the IHS. Maybe if you were on air you would see better results but on water I saw no difference.

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