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Mod Log - 5.25 HDD Cooler


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Update: Mod is done - pics from start to finish

p.s. - need some wire management












Here is my idea because I want to put a HDD in a 5.25 bay to get rid of the 3.5 bays in the case and I get inspired.

Materials so far:

an old casing from a cd-rw drive

amd heatsink fan

random HDD (maxtor at the time, a raptor will be mounted)


so any ideas?

I plan to make some angle line type rails with holes to mount the HDD then screw it into the 5.25 casing

Then some sort of bar to hold the fan over the hard drive and exhaust the hot air what do yall think?

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I say don't worry about cooling a hard drive. In a well ventilated case it is more of a 'bling' thing then anything else. A good idea though for using an old CD drive casing.

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I have a Silverstone TJ-06, the one with the windtunnel (which I ripped out since I watercool). HDD cooling is horrible on this case as it is on some cases. I tore out my drill and 3" circular bit and cut a 80mm hole in window in front of HDDs, and one in other door behind them (the drives are mounted vertically on their sides so the air goes over them easily). Two nice crystal fans and they stay ice cold. I think I overkilled though when I also installed an Antec 70mm HDD aluminum cooler on each one LOL


But, the reason I did this was I had a HDD fail one day in this case and I truly believe it was heat.


I should take pictures of the damn thing...*sigh* I hate being so lazy :rolleyes:



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