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Hard drive burn in software?


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Hiya all,


I recently had a hard drive go "bad" on me, but that's not really the end of the story. It happened to go bad about a week outside of the warranty, so there was no easy way to get a replacement without paying for one. I thought, in that case, i would futz around with it a little bit, and see if it was *really* bad.


I ended up doing a low-level format of the drive, using maxtor's software (after the pain of unplugging all of the other IDE/SATA devices in my system X-P), and maxtors tests then said the drive was A-OK.


Now... i'm not so gung-ho that i'm going to trust this drive quite yet... and i would like to run some more extensive burn in testing on it. I've since put my computer all back together, and maxtor's diag software does not like to start up properly with everything plugged in (known incompatibility with nforce4 SATA)


I'd really like to avoid having to open it up and unplug all of my drives again, as it's quite a pain with my overly-crowded case.


The drive is a 160GB SATA Maxtor (model: 6Y160M0), and i have 2 other SATA hard drives, and 2 IDE hard drives in my system.


Does anyone have any suggestions for some cheap or free software that i can use to rip this drive a new one, prefferably within windows, without much risk to the rest of my drives?

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First off, enable SMART in BIOS.

Then get a SMART utility that checks the drive in windows.

Best test is to copy huge files to the drive over & over. Make something big, like rar up 10GB worth of data, and finally check the archive via the test command, and see if it passes.

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