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Bios aint savin yo!

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Aye aye aye!


I just dont know what to say. I've grown to love my dfi ultraII-M2I infinity but sheesh this things keeps pooping on me sometimes. between regular boots it's ok. but whenever i touch that switch behind the psu and leave it off for the night or something, the next morning i find the bios settings have been reset. why doesnt it save my settings?


this makes OC'ing a pain in the rear cuz it keeps reverting to its own thing.


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see, but the thing is if i dont pull the power cord or shut off the psu after shutting down computer, it's fine. even for days.

but the minute I shut off psu switch or power cable, the bios resets.


basically, if the standby power led ever goes off, the bios resets.


this is a new board too. havent even touched the battery.

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no.... haha, you know what the problem was?


when i looked at the bios options closely, I noticed the option to enable the "BIOS settings cacheable" in the advanced chipset menu.


fixed it, and now it's working like a charm. glad there was nothing wrong with the board though.


and thx for the reply:)

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