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my DFI 975X/g infinity will not overclock (at all)

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I recently rebuilt my system into a case, and upgraded all the cooling just a tad.


The system is rock solid stable at stock, but the problem is, no matter what I set it to, it will POST, and will be... at stock.


Here is a photo to illustrate my point:




Now if we are to believe this then (assuming it's stable for validation upload) I have just broken the WR for E6400 by 2MHz fsb... woo go me. But we shouldn't believe it.


As soon as I get into windows and check voltages timings etc this is what I see:




According to CPU-Z everything is at stock (including voltage, which smartguardian disagrees with).


Trying to overclock with clockgen yeilds no change, clockgen tries then the slider jumps back to stock :|


I really do need some advice as I have no idea what's goin on... I think once the CPU Overclock failed recovery thing goes into action I get stuck at stock regardless of settings... Would you say the board is faulty? That would be very annoying as I spent forever insulating it and everything works flawlessly at stock.


I have tried this, and the 830 bios with the same result.

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