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Chipset Temperature Question

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I've seen other threads and such about this but I just wanna be totally sure.


I'm running with SLI enabled, so I know my chipset is gonna run a bit hotter, but, I just... I'm paranoid, I'll admit it LOL


It's Idling at 40C as we speak, and when I get out of 3DMark06 after running it's at around 42~45 depending on room temperature. I've seen it Idle as low as 37C if it's perdy cool in here.


Is this normal? I have it set to where it turns on full speed as soon as the system turns on, the fan on the chipset, and I have an 80mm fan blowing from my grilling on my case-side directly in that area (in between the two 7900GTXs, I'm glad I didn't get one of those motherboards where there's no space between them, it'd be sufficating), so I can't get much more intake on it until I get another thermaltake high speed fan to replace the one that finally threw a blade a few days ago.

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