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NF4 problems

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To start off like to say my system runs like a charm,my problem is with my kid's system which is the same as mine except for his card which is an evga 7800 gtx,and his cpu is a 3200,he had updated his bois(don't know why) and tried to overclock it,burnt out his set of memory cause it won't even run on mine,operating system pooched,so this is what i did

1.gave him some memory same as mine

2.fresh install of windows using 1 stick-installed perfect

3.reflashed bois back to the original

4.setup his bois and installed other stick


1.hard drive takes for ever-goes to the window screen takes about 40 secs for the drive to start spinning

2.once into the operating system,it just sits there agian for about 40 sec before it loads anything

3.internet don't work-have gone into command prompt and with ipconfig can ping the computer but not out as i know the host address

I've taken his hd installed it on mine,works like a charm,so i know it's not a software issue and his hd is good,boots so fast can't see the welcome screen,

I don't think it's the bois as it boots to windows ok,after that she's down hill,memory good so i'm thinking board(memory controller poched) or cpu,sorry for being so long winded but this starting to be a pain and i almost forgot memory will only work with 2 sticks in the orange slots,put to in the yellow get a boot up error and only will show 1



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I'd still do a cmos reset and then set everything to "set optimal" or whatever it's called.


I'd uninstall the mobo drivers and try using the vers that came with the board just in case there's a conflict with the new drivers.

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