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FSB,VGA oc,AGP Vdd..what a disgrace...

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well I have some problems...some time ago..when going to 25fsb..I had my 9800pro almost @xt clocks..with xt bios...and had lots of artifacts...(not normal artifacts..it's like triangles with messed up textures).put 1.7vagp and all went good..today a friend came here and started playing ut2k4..and those things appeared again..I lower the core about 10mhz..and the same..tomorrow..a friend will do me volt mods in the card..so about the vagp..still1.7 or default ones?

now I tried playing ut with the cores that I have 439/351 and not even a single artifact :S

can anyone say something?

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stupid question but what are those wire for?? looks liek they are going to the molex connector... have you mod it ???


BTW you're missing a ram sink on that pic :D maybe the artifact can be cause by that


don't ask me about that cuz it was not me that modded the card..but i think it's to see the values of the votlages...the sink fell when I took of the card...right now I am with a geforce 3 ti 200 :P maybe next week I'll bring my card home..

another question..

I have here 3 pci cards:


a matrox millenium 2mb




(my first modded card :P )


an s3 virge/trio 2mb




and a voodoo rush 6mb




and to use the first ones (matrox and s3) I must clear cmos and don't change anything in bios..just do f1...:S

and with the voodoo I can use it [email protected] fsb..why?

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