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Choose my next case for me


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I am guessing that the final decison will come down to the amount of room - or not -that you have and what your future plans are for it as in both final location (desk/floor) and it's contents ( air cooler/ water cooled/ sub zero cooling)


I would suggest that if you have the room then look at the Mountain Mods cases they have quite a good range at the moment varying in styles and sizes and you could even go for a custom made unit to fit any specifc requirements that you have.


I have a U2-UFO case that is basically an 18" cube, has a removable motherboard tray and easily fits my 2 watercooling loops.


CPU - 120.3 rad - DD D5 pump - Theromchill 6" res


GPU - 120.1 rad- DD D5 pump - DD dual bay res


plus my 5 HD's, two seperate PSU's etc etc etc.


worth a look to be honest and if you have the time I would go for a plain one - aluminium- and then do the prep work before getting the final colour as I would like it.



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