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best spyware software?


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Just to be sure: You mean "best antispyware software?", right? :P


User is the most critical point. No amount of antispyware can protect the computer if user is stupid enough. Allthought it's good to have some amount of software protection, they can be beaten by user stupidity.


I have only Spybot S&D (with TeaTimer) and Spyware Blaster in my computers and I run them now and then if I remember. Virus scanning is handled (off-line, instead of background scanning!) by Kaspersky. No firewall.


I've not had spy/malware or virus in my computers... well, in years. Some friends are using over half dozen of antispyware softwares, several virus scanners, hard/software firewalls (No, luckily none of them uses FalseAl... erm, ZoneAlarm any more) and still they need my help for freeing them of computer pests.


I'd say the most important part of defence is the user. There's no point to clog up your computer with 10+ different softwares. Just use one or two against each threat, but don't forget common sense. :)

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