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Phoenix's FS and WTB thread

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Guest phoenixdancer

hey all, i have a few things for sale and i wana buy a few things, Lets start shall we?


ok then



Danger den Black Fill Port: £6 Inc P&P <-- BRAND New never used, was guna use but i found out that useing a tine is alot harder then useing a res so i dont want it.


Danger Den Maze 4, Perfect condition, only had distiled water flow through. comes with all connections. £25 Inc Shipping


Tank-O-Matic resivour, good condition, Only had distilled water flow through. comes with 1/2inc barbs and 1 bracket. <-- £15 Inc Shipping




I have some other stuff i need to shift i will keep you updated.



EK 1900 Water block *Full cover*

Aqua Extreme MP 05 Special Edition** think thats the name (looks like the storm)

Liang D5 pump

Bay resiviour


Contact me if you have anything like this for sale!

Any mods or admins thats dont like my thread please contact me befor you delete my thread as my other pne seems to have gone aswell!




I accept payment via bank transfer and paypal, if you want my paypal address please contact me.


i dont have heatware, or ebay ( i have ebay but i didnt pay there stupid fee's but here it is anyway " no1star2677 ")


I have feedback on www.overclock.co.uk here is the link to the feedback thread


same name as on here :)


Thx guys!



Windows 2000

Alphacool 120.3 rad

Waterchill 2x blocks

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