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New NF4 Build...

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Hey NF4 People,


I finally decided to join the A64 bandwagon and recently updated my main computer to a system based on a DFI LanParty NF4 SLI-DR. The board is new from our good friends at Newegg and all I did was flash the bios to the latest version (4/6/2006).


Windows XP SP2 is installed, including the latest Forceware drivers for the video card (91.47) and chipset (6.86). All observable temps (CPU/video card/chipset etc) are fine.


I used Prime95 v24.14 for [email protected] and it ran for 10+ hours before I manually stopped it. No errors. Memtest86+ v1.65 revealed the same thing: No errors.


Now, the issue is using 3DMark2001SE or 3DMark03. With 2001SE, the very last test (spinning horse) looks distorted (there are additional pixels around it) and it doesn't complete the test to reveal a score. That is, it simply keeps blinking intermittingly and my only option is to press the reset key. I can't get control of the computer otherwise.


Something similar is occurring with 3DMark03. The first test is always performed fine but the second test (Proxycon?) will begin to show polygon distortion and by the third test (lady warrior), the screen begins to fill with distorted polygons (artifacts) around the female character. Needless to say, the test never completes and at the very end of the test, blinks intermittingly like I mentioned before. Again, the only option is to reset the computer to gain control.


Oddly enough, 3DMark05 does not have this problem at all. I have run that test several times and it completes with no artifacts, polygon distortion or otherwise odd behavior.


Like I said, I monitored the temps (via MBM5) and cpu, video card, and chipset all are in a tolerable range. For example, the cpu is about 40c, video card 54c and chipset about 50c when running these tests. Additionally, I have (2) small fans actively cooling the ram.


Any ideas what is causing the issues with 3DMark2001SE and 3DMark03?






P.S. I also want to mention this problem occurs even at stock cpu and ram speeds. Playing 3D games is no issue at all. Quake 4, Doom 3/ROE, Oblivion all play without any problems.

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Thanks for your advice. I underclocked my card down to 450/1320 (from 500/1530) but still encountered errors (though not as many) and 3DMark03 got further but didn't complete.


Encouraged, I removed the card and heatsink and applied AS5 to the core. The memory chips have a sort of pad that if removed, doesn't allow the cooler to make contact with the chips themselves. So, I opted to leave them on.


I re-ran 3DMark03 (underclocked @450/1320) but still didn't complete and there were some artifacts/polygon errors (though not as many as before).


I don't know what to make of this. On one hand I could consider the card defective and RMA it back to the manufacturer but at the same time, it runs games just fine (so far!) It's odd that it doesn't do this with 3DMark05 just with 2001SE and 03.


What to do...hmmmmm???



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