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a couple of wc items

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Hi guys, a couple of watercooling items I no longer need or have use for that maybe someone can use. Prices do not include shipping, will use USPS and only to lower 48. Non CC PayPal.


- Thermaltake AquaBay M3 Reservoir and Water Level Indicator - bought to replace my Corsair BayRes but did not work out because I had to use ghetto fab it to make it work with my hoses and it ended up causing more restrictive flow which in turn made my temps go up a few degrees. It was installed and run in the system for about an hour before I realized it did me absolutely no good to have this in my system. $25



SOLD - Corsair BayRes - about a year old, wanted to upgrade for something different and a bit larger, somehow ended up with the AquaBay reservoir which wasn't larger.. just looked nicer. The item below is the Swiftech version but same part, just rebranded. $5



Thanks for looking.

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