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optical out issues with dfi rs482

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i figured i would start a new thread with a clear title so those who were searching etc... can find it easier if they are in the same boat


ok in the nutshell, my optical output from the rs482 and my panasonic av reciever dont seem to like to talk or something, periodically at random i get sound dropout for a split second or two and its starting to get annoying, and this is with everything, watching dvds, playing mp3s, playing games etc...... even has done it twice when winders fires up and theres that greeting music that plays upon successful bootup to the desktop, in other words its anything utilizing the sound functions, heres all i have tried in this order


updated the bios to the most current off the dfi website when initally building the pc, no joy


updated the os and all drivers to the most current as best as i could when setting up , no joy


went back and double checked to make sure everything bios and driver related current, no joy


tried several different toslink cables afterwards, no joy


taken the computer to several friends houses, ironically no issues


started to think perhaps theres some form of incompatibility with my av reciever and this board, had friends bring computers over here to try my av reciever, ironically no issues


so thats where im at, at this point im considering getting an coax rca bracket because the board has the header for one, also considering just saying screw the onboard sound and dropping a pci sb audigy i have handy, but i would really prefer to use the onboard if it all possible as i had other plans for that sb card and it irriates me its not working, at least with this av reciever


or thats the other alternative, get another reciever but...... it would be costly to go that route, sadly all of my dvd players, cable boxes, etc........ have always had coax only, so this is the first time i am trying to use the toslink on this reciever, its possible its been jacked up from day one and i didn't know it, i have had this one too for quite awhile, still though im not ready to throw the towel in on it


so with all that, what do you think would be my next best move??? i also considered RMA but that is the last resort, if there truthfully is a compatibility issue with these 2 items, another board wont solve anything and why waste mine and someones money and time for a useless RMA processing etc....


i have tried googling etc... too and searching these boards amongst some others, so far nothing of the like i have run across, if you have seen something of interest related, please point me the right way, any new ideas would be swell at this point




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also one other thought, being my new htpc and i would like to keep it that way, theres hdmi video cards coming out now, sapphire has this one


and supports coax spdif out, your supposed to use a connector cable between the spdif header on your board and or pci sound card, basically being matx and with 4 block off plates, im considering this route because a. realizing the onboard graphics are acceptable, but not all that great for gaming and b. a spdif bracket only blocks a plate, most likely the pci express 1x one, because i need both pci slots for dual tuners as media center doesnt support combo cards etc...... that also blows a pci sound card out because i only have 2 pci slots on here, the curse of matx and sff, these are the tradeoffs, you have to bank that the onboard will suffice and right now for me its not in this configuration, and i would rather not block that 1x slot because i might opt for a different video card and with the coolers on some of these beasts that 1x slot might be useless anyhow, especially if i ever decided to drop an double slot cooled card in there etc.. in theroy though doesnt the onboard optical port and the header for a coaxial one run off the same thing? possible the coax would do the same, at this point though the boards not doing it elsewhere so im suspecting its my av reciever and this board, just hoping its affecting the optical only, ill just have to try to get some form of a coxial connector on the board somehow, either stand alone or one of these newer hdmi vid cards, and try it and hope for the best, anyways



rant off, if anyone has anything to suggest please by all means

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thats absolute worst case man, for grins installed my sb audigy and it worked fine in coax mode, starting to really think my optical on my reciever is the culprit, i went ahead and ordered that sapphire hdmi video card, with the coax pass through to the header im hoping the onboard can just pass an spdif through without a hitch, the system doesnt take much to pass that signal on down and so normally i would agree onboard sounds usually not worth it, unless your just passing a signal along, we will see how the video card thing works with it, i hope so


thanks for the suggestion though

im very happy with this board, im also thinking of trying the antec neo he psu in this guy, so far i have not read of anyone having issues with those particular psus, the enermax liberties though were one i were considering but i have read a few reports of those and this rs482 being finicky


i hope the antec can fill the bill

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yea me too

im going to head out tommrow in search of a good psu locally, its time to unleash this beast and start some ocing on it


i really hope the antec neo he series works because this is most likely what im coming home with, so far nothing i can find on the web has pointed to these being finicky like them liberties and a few others

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