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Free Software Thread

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Thank you to whoever made this sticky.




I use Eraser, free, to clear my harddrive of stuff I don't want to be found, ever, after I delete it:



It also integrates into the menu bar in XP, so that when you right click on a file, you can 'erase' it. It also has automated features to either completely erase a drive (like nuke), or write patterns to empty space (or 0's, which is good for compressed backups on linux).

I've been using it for a couple years, just be carefull with the settings.

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Guest thespin

Thanks for this thread, yonton. I am using a couple of great apps I found here that saved me some serious money!


May I suggest that you break out a category for 'CAD & Modeling' and with Google Sketchup you can include these two:

www.emachineshop.com free CAD (awesome ... but proprietary)

Alibre Design Xpress here ... http://www.alibre.com/xpress/


Best of the Affinity Managers

I am also providing a link to a post I just made on the street (because the developer hasn't put a good presentation together yet):


The actual download link is currently here:


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WOW! Thanks everyone for all of yalls input and it's nice to see that this thread has been stickied. I appologize for not updating it for like 3 weeks + now :( I have been really busy around here, however I propmise to update it and make some tweaks and changes come Mon/Tues of next week (my days off)






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password safe (uses blowfish ) to encrypt store your passwords



peerguardian2- bans certain ips like spyware etc



autopatcher - patches windows from vulnerbility .beats microsoft :)




scary/horror 'advance' game -penumbra



mech commander- free.. looks crappy though

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