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Free Software Thread

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I must say that the AusLogics defragment program is blindingly fast. Their Registry compression application seems to work just as good.


Man I had to check it against my O&O to see if it was actually defragged, fast is an understatement! sweet little program. Got to give the AutoGK a blast too, thanks Dr Bowtie a very nice find



I've got to say VLC has nothing on this... KMPlayer simply the slickest player out IMO. This player reads Video TS files along with tscc.exe that vlc couldn't play with out codec download. Tons of options!

Only con is, it's windows platform only currently. This is a MUST TRY! get it here http://www.download.com/The-KMPlayer/3000-...4-10659939.html


This little player is awesome, I love the real time audio sync slider. Thanks Killa

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Be great if someone with Mod powers could edit and update the first post.

This is a really useful thread.

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Seeing as this kinda replaces my old overclocking essentials here's a few apps I use


NetMeter Great way to monitor download/upload speeds also set ISP limits etc

Coppernic Desktop Search Beats windows search handsdown

Media Info Got A Video/Music file that wont play this will give you all the info you need to play it

Hamachi Free VPN tool very easy to use

VirtualBox Free Virtual PC tool. Very good

Klipfolio The Best RSS/ATOM feeder out there

Rainlender Free Desktop Calendar/Todo list tool

Undelete Plus Very Good file recovery

Unlocker Unlocks those files that refuse to be deleted/Moved

WinDirStat Visual Representation of the files on your HD. Good for finding those files that are hogging diskspace

WinUha Great for compressing games and files in general



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I gave AusLogics a trial run on a work laptop today. I was VERY impressed. Makes me wonder why I even keep PerfectDisk (other than the fact I paid for it)


KMPlayer rocks. It's the only MP I use anymore.


AutoGK is the bomb too. Excellent DVD ripping app.

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Ever have a pesky file or folder that Windows just won't let go of so you can delete it or move it. Try Unlocker. Outstanding utility when all else fails. You can get it here;




It can be an absolute life saver.


Well crap, I see now that Dr. F beat me to the punch. Sorry for double adding the app.

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that`s good that we have some freeware otherwise we`d be broke :)after buying one comp and the software for it...damn..


Firefox it`s my choice and Thunderbird as mail client then...AVG free is ok...CCleaner ...and..there are more..but especially these..

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