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Everest Temp readings


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I just started OC'n my 89W X2 4400+ this morning. Replaced a 3700+ Sandy running rock solid at 2530.

I am using Everest to monitor the core temps. It shows a temp for core #1 and core #2, then a temp for CPU.

What I don't understand is that when running dual core Prime, the core #2 is 52 Celcius, core #1 is 48 Celcius, and CPU is 42 Celcius.

1. Why is one core hotter by 4 degrees C

2. Why is the CPU 10 degrees cooler than core # 2

I am using water cooling, and would expect to see the 42 C under load for a cpu temp with this setup.

However, I am only seeing 2.6ghz overclock at 1.4 + 104% vcore. No change with raising vcore as high as 1.54 (?).

Not horrible, but i was hoping better with good cooling. I probably just have a stubborn CPU, but I still don't inderstand the temp readings.

I haven't updated my sig lately, but will after I get the OC locked down. This is an X2 4400+ ADV4400daa6cd ccbwe0615bpmw. The ram I am using is Patriot that is good at 265mhz, 2.5-4-3-6. I am running it at 166mhz right now until I see what the CPU limit is. Looks like 2.6 is it.

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