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Have 4gb of RAM, only seeing 3gb

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Like it says, I have 4gb of RAM in my board, but my BIOS and Windows are saying that I only have 3gb.


I have no idea. I upgraded to the x64 edition of Windows XP, but it didn't solve the problem. D: Any ideas?


I'm pretty newbie at all of this.

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I'm having the same problem.


To get the BIOS to see all 4GB you need to enable S/W Memory Hole Remapping in Advanced Chipset menu of the BIOS and disable H/W Memory Hole Remapping (with H/W MHR enabled, the mem test was only getting as far as 3.5GB)


I still can't get 32bit XP Pro to see more than 3GB though. It's not the /PAE switch as it seems to have loaded Ntkrnlpa.exe on it's own accord judging by the General tab in the System Properties window. (I think this was enforced with XP SP2 and has to do with DEP)


Simon D: Are you seeing the full 4GB physical memory in the Task Manager? Are you using XP Pro (SP2)?

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