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External Antenna Mod for Laptop

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I acquired an Airespace MiniPCI 100mW Atheros a/b/g card at the 6th Hope last month and installed it in my laptop.


As you all know, internal wireless antenna's are substandard at best so I also bought an an SMA Female connector w/ pigtail and a Linksys 7dBI high gain antenna.


There was a hole in the side of my laptop with a plastic covering. This hole would typically be used for a TV input, but I didn't opt for the TV Tuner option when I orderd my laptop. I removed the plastic covering and secured the SMA connector with a couple washers and nuts. I ran the pigtail through the laptop's internals to the Atheros Card.


The results are as follows:





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i saw this mod on hack-a-day


i take it you get better reception now?


Mine is nicer than the one on hack a day. :P


Yeah I get much better reception.

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