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Quick Multiplier Question

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Nothing out of the ordinary. I did not remove the cover (IH something, you all know what I mean) and it is the first CPU for this mobo so it was a direct install, no swapping. As far as I can remember the multi has always been listed as being available higher than 10 in the BIOS.


It is watercooled but I cannot see how that would affect the multi performance. The only unusual time I have had with it was Newegg e-mailing me explaining that it would not ship with all my other merchandise since they were unexpectedly out of stock though the site showed them in stock. I got it about three days later.


The only thing about having a rebadged FX-60 is that it is only 2x512MB cache. Or is 1MB of cache simply blocked from usage?


BTW, since it was "out of stock" when I first ordered and I had to RMA my video card 1 time by the time I had her up and running the prices slashed in half so I guess I really didn't get screwed all that bad :rolleyes:


Thanks for the help



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