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Scythe Ninja Cause of dual channel problems!

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After months of endless headaches and RMA's with both OCZ and DFI it seems I have finally discovered the culprit that was causing my system to not boot in dual channel...my Heatsink!


System will always boot with no backplate at all (turning it off right after 3rd LED goes out don't worry!). When I put on the backplate, which is metal, and screw in the top, it will sometimes boot in DC. If I attach two of the four clips on the ninja to the top, it will sometimes boot in DC. Four clips attached, it will never boot DC. I have tested it numerous times now.


As I mentioned before, the backplate is metal (the sticky foam is mostly gone from reattaching it) and either this is causing conductive problems or the backplate is somehow bending the processor/mobo to cause issues. I am testing this out of my system and the ninja is straight up and down.


Does anybody have any ideas on what I could use to put over the metal of the backplate to avoid these issues? Something that can take high temperatures...

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Yeah, if the backplate covers up any of your RAM traces on the back (which it would have on my Expert board), then you should not use the Scythe backplate. You can simply use the backplate that came with your board, although you may need to get longer screws for it. There is no problem with using your DFI backplate and the Ninja (I'm living proof).


Here is a previous post on the subject with the correct size of screws that you need to use with the stock backplate



Entire thread


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