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TEAC DVD writer not compatible with infinity motherboard?

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i just installed a TEAC DV-W516E for my computer using NF4 Infinity mobo.

the TEAC was correctly reconized by windows, but when i inserted a cd/dvd it read them as a blank CD.

i've tried to uninstall the Nforce4 IDE controller, but it didn't do any good

i've check all the cables, and nothing wrong with them, and the TEAC is ok too, i've cross check it with my friends computer...

i got a dead end here, could anyone give me an advice for my next step?


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Do you have two optical drives in your computer now? Your sig. indicates that you also have an Asus CDROM drive?


If you've got two optical drives installed, make sure that the new DVD drive is jumpered as the master drive. Then make sure that the Asus CD drive is jumpered as the slave drive (this would only apply if you have both drives on the same IDE ribbon cable - which I'm assuming you do if you're still running them both).


Once you've confirmed your jumper settings, reboot your computer and use the Windows Device Manager to remove both of the devices. Turn off your computer and unplug both drives, reboot computer once again. At this point neither the BIOS nor Windows should detect the presence of any optical drives. Turn off System Restore, turn off computer, plug just the DVD drive back in and boot into Windows. BIOS and Windows should both recognize the new drive. Windows will install generic drivers for the DVD drive. Now check and confirm that it works. If the drive works at this point and you want to keep your Asus CD drive then power back down and plug it in also.


If all of the above fails to correct your problem try replacing your existing IDE ribbon cable.

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tahnks for the help, coz i just think out the problem when u stated about changing the IDE cable, i found out that my cable is an UDMA33 not suitable for the TEAC which use the UDMA66.


silly mistakes....

thanks a lot for the help...

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