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hello first dfi motherboard!


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just got my frist dfi motherboard today its the sli-dr expert just thought id be polite and say hi before i ask my first question... --------> to the bios forum!

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Welcome to DFI-Street


Nice rig, but best do yourself and your motherboard a big favor. Get a PSU from recommend list specifically for the Expert motherboard. Recommended Power Supplies. If it is not here forget it.


Make sure all of the power connectors plugged into the motherboard.

24-pin main power connector

8-pin 12v secondary connector or EPS

4-pin 5v/12v floppy connection or FDD-type



My I suggest some light reading if you’re planning to overclock you should first read this; The Definitive DFI AMD Overclocking Guide. Then re-read it, and you will be surprised how much more info you’ll pick up. It may seem overwhelming at first but it’s not that bad. Take your time, be patient and asking questions. Keep reading the posts and have fun.

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...what makes the dfi board so power hungry my old an8 used to be fine at o/c ing my opty just had a memory problem needed more than 2.8v!!

Power requirement for DFI motherboards are very high because they where designed from the ground up to overclock. A good quality PSU with ALL of the power connectors plugged in will make a world of difference in stability and overclocking.


You don’t put unleaded gas in a Funny Car, NO you use nitromethane.


DFI LanParty mother boards were not meant to just surf the Web or check email, NO they were thoroughly design, testing, and then produced to maximize your hardware ability to overclock.


A top marksman doesn’t buy generic off the shelf ammo, NO they use fast burning powder, precision cartridges and loads.


Tony Sinclair said it best, “You wouldn’t put a donkey in the Kentucky derby, would you”.


The DFI LanParty mother boards were built only with overclocking in mind.


Every manufacturer has their own power requirements for example; you needing [email protected] for an ATI x1900XT and you need [email protected] for a 7800GT nVidia video cards. So what is the problem with DFI saying you need [email protected]? None! Just add up the power requirements and please add another 10-20% if you are using one of those power requirements programs. How many people truly meet all the power requirements? Not many. Then they wonder why their rig runs like crap and that they have stability issues.


I’ve seen the many people that have changed their under powered PSU to a quality recommended PSU on their DFI motherboard and were amazed. I have also seen the people that changed their under powered PSU and still their DFI motherboard wouldn’t work, why because those pos PSU fried the motherboard. Then they blame the DFI mother board and that is BS. Here’s another thing that get me, when someone tells someone else that you can use the 400W PSU on your LP nF4 Ultra-D it work fine on my Asus A8N-SLI Premium. no, nO and NO! DFI power requirement are much higher. There is no way you can compare a Intel, Tyan, MSI, Asus, Abit or DFI motherboards power requirements as the same. Come on; go check the manufacturer web site a read for yourself.


PSU are the life of your rig. If you’re really overclocking, gaming and really using a DFI motherboard with a under power PSU you will eventually pay. Then when it fails, you blame the motherboard, wrong it was that cheap PSU. Yes you may get lucky and it is your choice to use what ever you want, but I’m not risking my $800, $1500 or more rig on a $50 PSU. Good luck to all that do. Using any NON-recommended power requirements on any components is not a good idea. So why do it? There is no reason to. This wasn’t meant to be harsh so please don’t take it that way. If I can reach one to change, I can reach a thousand to change.

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