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hit speed wall with ram


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hopefully this is in the right place :D


i now own a pair of OCZ 2x 1Gb ram.

i've had them for two weeks now and have tried as hard as i can to see what their max speed is.

they are rated for 3-3-3-10 @ DDR500 2.8v


so far i've found the absolute rock solid stable speed these will do is 260Mhz

now the strange thing is it doesnt matter if the timings are 3-3-3-8 T1 or 3-6-6-12 T2 with extremely loose timings, 260Mhz is it.

doesnt even matter if i adjust voltages of CPU, LDT, ram or NF4.

even if i drop the CPU multi or use the ram multipliers instead of dividers.

this has caused frustration and confusion, i expected more from the ram:o


however, is this what is expected when using 2x1gb ram instead of 2x 512Mb?

more importantly, could the speed wall be caused by the CPU memory controller?

any suggestions?

currently then ram is in the orange slots on the DFI board. could it be the orange slots, is there any way to migrate the ram to the yellow slots (system wont boot if i just swap them)?


I thought it was the ram causing the problem but i would've thought that loosening the timings would help that.

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