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Divider problems

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Hi all,


I have some pretty crappy no-name value RAM based on Nanya chips, and they refuse to boot at even 205MHz, so for me to overclock my 4400+, I need to run a divider. I'm at 2400MHz now, with a divider at 166 and 240x10. I would like to increase this to 260x10, so logically I'd have to use a lower divider. Problem with that is, the 166 and 150 divider gives me the same RAM speed when I increase the HTT to 260. I guess this means the 150 divider doesn't work.


Will flashing to another BIOS fix this? I'm pretty apprehensive to flash the BIOS, since it's going to cause untold problems for me to fix it if I mess it up. But if it will make a difference, I'll try it.


Thanks for any help!

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DFI motherboards where designed from the ground up to overclock. Good quality components make a world of difference in stability and overclocking. It is not recommended to use value or generic memory in DFI motherboards and certainly not for overclocking.


Here is a good link to read on memory; Recommended - RAM Guide for DFI nF4's. Look under (A list of good memory modules).

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