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DFI NF4 Ultra-D refuses to POST

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Before anyone asks, I've done the CMOS (even did a 48hr one) trick and the Step by Step guy for setting this up, still zero luck.


Other day I went to turn this machine on and it just would not post, no beep, no fans power up nothing. But if I open the case, I see the LED (buttom under last pci slot) lit. So I thought it'd be the powersupply like people mention in previous threads. So went out and bought another Antec TruePower 550w psu, still the same thing. I've tried using different sticks of memory in different slots like others have posted here, still no luck.


What is weird is, if I remove the ram, and just have the CPU + Video plugged in, the dram led next to the memory will light up. Which I don't get since I've tried multiple sticks of ram.


I've also tried replacing the video card with a nvidia 6600gt and no luck once again (both top and bottom pci-e slots).


Is it possible the cpu is fried? and is causing the machine not to power on? or is there something else I am missing/overlooking...


Any help would be appreciated. I've had this motherboard for just a little over a year now and nothing was done to the machine for it to do this so...

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Perhaps try build from scratch outside the case.

I've done that, just to make sure nothing was shorting out, same exact problem.


do any of the daignostic leds light up? are all four power connectors plugged into the board?

This is the only LED that lights up when the power is turned on, (only activity at all that happens when the machine gets power). And Yes, all power connectors plugged in. In fact the only power coming from the psu is going into the mobo, I have nothing else plugged in just to be safe.



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