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Ultra-D success.


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Hi guys and gals,


Id like to thanks you all for the help and hints over the last couple of weeks. It hasnt been all applle pie, but the trouble has been well worth it. I can now say that my little Ultra-D is a full fledged SLi rig that runs stable @2607mhz and has performance under the hood that isnt to be sneezed at. :P


Its been a long road, but for those of you who are thinking of it, its well worth the satisfaction to see both cards purring along in BF2 with all options cranked up.


I initially had a little trouble with getting the cards to be stable, but apprently this problem has been documented before with the 7900 series of cards. As advised by the thread, i upped the PCI-e bus to 115mhz and its been rock solid. Just so there is no confusion next time for other builders, the DFI genie bios reports the pci-e bus as 8X NC 8X 4X (once the mod and jumpers have been set) and this is in reverse to some of the other boards. It is in fact correctly set.


so now it purrs along quite nicely. Not too much room inbetween both cards though, id recon only about a 2 mill gap at best.




Once more, thanks heaps again to everyone who offered thier assistance in my quest. Thanks for making it work guys.:O


One happy little DFI-Street member :cool:

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