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Can't Install Windows on SI3114 RAID10/0+1

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Hello, (NF4 Venus/Expert System)

Though I would do some RAID0+1 and RAID5 testing.

I have installed 4 NEW WD400 40gb drives on the SI3114 controller set them up in the BIOS as RAID10 in the SI3114 config to create the RAID put the XP CD in booted from CD and started to install XP did F6 and installed the drives etc. However when XP install come to the install part where you select to format the disk, XP install pops up a message that says "can't find a disk to install XP on" and quites. Any ideas please? Tried it a couple of times and same proble. Also is RAID10 selection in the BIOS as RAID0+1 that this controller is surposed to support or have I mist somthing?


I did go on to do a 4 disk RAID5 and this works no trouble first, although very slow at first, after two hours of sycning its not to bad a mean read of 50mbs...I know RAID 0+1 will be quicker but how do you set it up.

Many thanks in advance IMK



Forgot to install SI3114 RAID 5 driver.... Yap you need to install this drivers for other RAID types on the 3114..

Been a long day.. works just fine and 96mbs 4xwd400 (40gs) = 70gb drive in RAID10... And real cheap at 75UKL for four drives

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