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any clockable things with x1900xt and cfx3200-dr

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well as i have said in a couple of other posts i am still quite fresh with dfi products and well now finding with help i am getting places....


like the title says i am runnin an x1900xt at stock and on a cfx3200-dr crossfire mobo and siggy says the rest....how can i get the near max out of my card can it be done in bios and in xp and if so what do i need to do and download for xp


any suggestions would be very gratefully followed up


cheers Qu!D

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Download ati tool from http://www.techpowerup.com/atitool/


With this program you can adjust core and memory speeds, and then check with it's built in artifact checker that no artifacts or crashes occur.


I use a nvidia card but I still use the artifact checker.


I would recommend running it for about 20-30 minutes.


Sometimes you will get through 30 minutes with no artifacts, but still spot a few in certain games, if this is the case drop either the core or memory until they no longer appear in those games.


All in all the artifact checker is a good way of quickly checking whether your overclock is OK, but isn't definative.

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Also you might want to look into an aftermarket cooler. If you do not want to migrate to h2o then you could try any number of air coolers that work far better than stock. Angry Games (Happy Games) posted a thread on aftermarket air coolers that was a great resource. Search for it under his nick and it should come right up.


Have fun with the card! :)



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