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OEM DFI Boards and getting parts

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Greetings. I do not have the luxury of searching the forum as my connection is extremely wacky....i can get disconnected whenever so spending time to search the forum is rather hard, pls understand.


I am after a DFI board for the AMD 64 3700+ CPU but my budget does not permit me to get the retail box....cables, sound card etc. What I can afford is the OEM boards, without cables or sound card. My question is, can i buy the cables and sound card later? If so, where? I have contacted the dealers here in Sydney and they refused to help. Does anyone know how I can get those?


Thanks a million for taking the trouble to read this.



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What parts do you need? I have built 6 Ultra D based computers, so I have all the spare parts you would proabilly need. I would charge you 1 Extralarge Tee Shirt shipped to Canuck land. I live on the West of Canada. Just PM me if you want.


Cheers back at You:)

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