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AS5 on cpu made it HOTTER?


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i put as5 on my cpu

idel cpu 31 pwmic 36 chiset 39

100%load cpu 37-35 pwmic 37 chipset 40-43


w.out as5 except chipset

idel cpu 25c pwmic 36 chipset 38 [w/as5]

load cpu [28-31] pwmic 38 chipset same.


only my cpu went up i knoe ite isnt 100% accurate but.. jw my it got hotter

i followed the rules on how to put as5 according to Articsilvers website

i acctitualy trippled checked it and it looks fine


i didnt change nothing didnt change fans, etc etc nothing

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If it's increased his temps, there will not be a drop after curing.


Take the hsf off, wipe off the AS5 (HSF and CPU should be clean) and start over. Apply just a tiny bit (ever used a BB gun? The size of 1 pellet) and drop the HSF squarely on top. Apply a little pressure at the center, twist a bit to smooth it and then attach the retention clips.

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