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WTT - A64 4000+ sd 1mb cache capable of.....


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ive jsut got my new x2, n tbh i think my psu is crapping out so i need to get a new one or at least a half decent one,


i currentlyl have a hiper type -r 580watty modular psu, which ill throw away


the cpu in question is my beloved 4000+ san deigo core i had this thin at 3.1ghz suicide on water but ist bsod'd ive had it prime stable for 13 n half hours on prime " 2.92ghz so i know it can do that on water " 1.550 vcore


its a brillaint cpu but i dont ened it no mor ei got my dualie,


steppings are


cabge 0518 UPBW


i need a decent psu anything considered pm me or post ehre :P

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