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SLi 7900GTX max fan speed on initial boot??

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Hi guys,


just wondering if you can help me sort a problem, Ive just got my SLi bridge in the mail and plugged my extra 7900GTX card in my mobo, after swapping the jumpers to SLi.


i boot up in post , and normally, with only 1 card, the fan on the 7900gtx goes max for a sec, then goes to nearly off (nice and quiet).


Now with 2 cards, one of the cards does the normal, max fan speed for a sec, then goes to normal, while the other one stays at max fan speed. (ie like it would go when under full load)


anyone know why the other (the bottom PCI-e slot) card doesnt go back to low rpm on the fan?


has anyone come across this before? is this normal?

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Its normal...atleast thats what my 7800GTXs sounded like when I had those...I never really heard much noise coming from my 7900GTs....and now with water I have no idea..other than the Fans connected to my motherboard will do the same thing....


All in all I wouldnt worry about it...

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ahh, ohkay guys, thanks for that. re-installed the drivers, and the fan goes to normal. thanks heaps for solving that problem.


Now however, ive got another little problem, it seems that after running 3dmark06 and 3dmark03 the screen corrups before completting the benchmark. It completes the benchmark, however, the screen is distorted. (thats in 03) In 06, it hoots along for the first 2 tests and then takes ages to load the cpu benches. and there something wrong evident with the screen aftyer that, and then when the 5th test runs, its slow as. even slower than with one card?


Also, i noted in 3dmark in the system screen, it only shows one 7900gtx, with 512mb. Shouldent it say SLi in there or something?


also, in the bios, theres a couple of settings iam not familair with? SLi broadcasting? should that be enabled?


and LDT 16 (arrow up) LDT 16 (Arrow down)? option are 8 x 8?


id much appreciate a run down on the optimal settings for SLi.


kindest regards guys and thanks for helping out in my initial problem.

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