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raid setup what do i need to start?

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Right this is something i have never tried but feel i have the adjust of it, but one things im not so sure about are;


1; do they have to be the exact same drives, same make, same revision, and same size of coarse!


2; what is raid 0 and the other posible configurations mean, and which on do i need to just to boost my hd performance?


3; i will be doing a fresh XP install is this the best way to set up raid trouble free?

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1) RAID0: Make sure they are the same size (ie- 300GB+300GB, not 320GB+300GB) or you will lose space on one of the drives.


2) RAID0 is striping, meaning it spreads data among 2 or more drives, speeding up the rate which data is read. This is for performance. Most people set a 16KB size.

RAID1 is mirroring, with 2 drives, only one is visible, the other is a backup pretty much. This is for data safety.

RAID5 is a combination of the two using three or more drives, with a slightly lower performance than RAID0.


If you want HDD performance and speed, go for RAID0.


3) A fresh install is needed for RAID0. Make sure you have a floppy drive to load the RAID drivers during Windows install.

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1. they dont need to be the same at all, but when you raid, it will double the size of the smaller hdd, i raided a 200 with 160, meaning, i got a 320gb insted of 360...

2. if you just wanna speed things up, then raid0, and do yourself a favor, only do it on the NVraid (i dunno if the ultra d even has silicon image raid).

3. fresh, well, i suggest you download the latest nvidia chipest drivers, extract it (its an extractable EXE), and find there a dir names (not sure!) idesata or something like that, copy it to a floopy, thats the newest drivers...

also, be sure that when yuo install, only ! but only! have the raid HDDS in the computer, add the rest later (if you have any)

also know this, DO not put important stuff there. trust me, raid do fail sometimes.

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When Raiding two different HDs, the raid will use the properties of the SLOWEST and weakest drive...You will loose HD space when raiding drives of a different size which was also mentioned...Normally or atleast the best case scenario is to have two identical drives thus giving you the maximum performance out of a raid array



Set up a raid...


Enable the raid in the Bios, Create it in the Nvidia Utility, Hit F10 when it boots....


Then Hit F6 during the Windows install, and install all required elements from the disk...and then go on like a normal install of windows

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