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Audio only coming out of REAR AUDIO OUTPUTS

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Hi there, hmmm ain't been here for a while...hello everyone...


Well umm anyway, my computer broke about 4-5 months ago and I thought I'd given up for life...lol, but then I saw some 4000+ OEM chips that were hitting 3ghz so couldn't resist to replace my broken Opteron 146, anyway....


I've just set everything up, and forgot to install my "Karajan" audio module, after installing it it seems that audio is only coming out of the black coloured output (Rear leftright).


I'm only using stereo audio so if I could find a way to re-map the outputs so it sends the front audio to the rears that would be fine. I know you could do this with the old nf2 boards with the "nvswap" program but it doesn't seem to work for an nf4 board.


I just been looking through the Lanparty manual for this nf4 board, it says there is a connector on the "Karajan" module so you can wire up the audio to the front of your case. The thing is I'm sure there used to be some "jumper blocks" on this connector, and now there isn't (I don't know where they could have got to, but I do have some more).


Anyway, could it be this thats caused this to happen, or are the ports dead, or, well....any advice or something to try would be appreciated :)


(Including a program of some kind or something if one exists to re-map the output)


Thanks for any help

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